Spare Parts Tracking System begins


OSEM Parts Tracking System, which will confirm original and certified equivalent parts in the scope of car insurance was introduced with a press conference. 


OSEM Board Chair Ceyhan Hancıoğlu, OSEM General Manager Bener Yıkılmaz and Sicpa CEO Aykut Ferah attended as speakers to the meeting and answered journalists' questions regarding the spare parts tracking system.


Ahmet Genç Treasury Deputy Undersecretary; M.Akif Eroğlu Secretary-General of TSB; Atilla Oksay and Erdinç Yurtseven OSEM Board Members; Sicpa Executives, OSEM Executives with representatives of the sector and press members participated as well.


OSEM Board Chair Hancıoğlu said, "OSEM is a very useful system for both insurer and insured." and " It will be provided fair competition environment and trust by the Spare Parts Tracking System." Also, Ahmet Genç Treasury Deputy Undersecretary mentioned too, "If the Parts are tracked, It will certainly be useful."


OSEM part tracking system is very important in order to be original and certified parts verified. All parts will be able to be tracked and verified by the desk, tablet computers, mobile smartphone applications at Osem smart label part tracking system. Manufacturers/distributors, Assessors, Insurance companies and Insured will have followed up all used parts in the auto insurance sector.












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