TURKAK gives the first accreditation to OSEM in the scope of equivalent parts certification program.


OSEM Certification and Training Center has been accredited by Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) as the first product certification bodies in Turkey in the scope of  the equivalent parts certification program.


The accreditation of OSEM, which certifies the replacement parts of the car body such as bumpers, bonnets, fenders, lighting etc., supplied from the national auto parts manufacturers in our country and imported from abroad, released on the Turkak official website.


The Certificate of ISO-EN 17065 Product Certification Accreditation was delivered to Atilla Aksoy, Member of the Board of Directors of OSEM, by Orbay Evrensevdi, Deputy Secretary General of TURKAK. TURKAK's ceremony was held at the headquarters in Ankara. TÜRKAK Deputy Secretary General Ahmet Tekin, Vice President of Product Service and Inspection Accreditation İsa Paksoy, Accreditation Expert-Lead Auditor Reşit Uzunçam and OSEM General Manager Bener Yıkılmaz attended the certificate ceremony.

OSEM, with Equivalent Parts Certification Accreditation, predicts that the factors that constitute unfair competition will decrease to minimum levels and create a competitive environment in the automotive renewal market and create an environment of trust and benefit to the national economy, insurance and automotive sector and to insured consumers.

OSEM applied to TÜRKAK on 06 October 2017 to be accredited with the equivalent parts certification standard. After being audited for more than one year, accredited nationally and internationally, OSEM Certification Inc. is accredited by TURKAK as a Product Certification Company. TÜRKAK is a member of the IAF-International Accreditation Forum Accreditation Board and is the only authority in national accreditation in our country.

OSEM that is founded by Turkey Insurance Association and being underneath on the control of Treasury Undersecretariat verifies competences of the local and national automotive body replacement parts manufacturers and documents the qualifications and the  equivalent quality of its products according to original. OSEM aims to improve the safety and quality standards. While OSEM implements the proseses of equivalent spare parts certification, it also keeps track of the existing spare parts documented by the insurance companies and also monitors the certified equivalent parts used in the supply of insurance parts.





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